Who Am I

I am a qualified seamstress with years of experience which includes a position with a high-end clothing retailer. I also have a 2 year diploma in fashion design from Sheridan College. Blue Sapphire Sewing and Design provides alterations and custom sewing to create a unique one of a kind design.  Together we can create your style from modern to vintage. 

Company Focus

My mission is to provide my customers with the highest level of service and satisfaction.  Providing services from alterations to transforming your ideas and dreams into a garment that personifies style and grace. 

Alterations and Custom Sewing

Alterations - Ladies and Men's clothing.   Hems on jeans, dress pants, dresses and skirts.  Men's dress shirt sleeve length. Suit jackets resizing. Prom and Wedding dress resizing. This are just a few of the popular alteration requests.  

 Custom Designs -First we meet and collaborate on the conceptual design.  I then prepare the pattern and construct the garment in muslin for the first fitting. This is the time when alterations to size or design can be addressed. Next step is the final fabric and when your design starts to come alive. One more fitting and you are now dressing and feeling gorgeous for that special events.  Other options for leather and vinyl are available.

  Pattern Drafting Custom Designs

                Industrial Sewing Machines                    Fabric And Leather

      Motorcycle Seat Recovering